Casey Jones: Identical to April, Leo and you will Casey usually do not discuss that frequently

Casey Jones: Identical to April, Leo and you will Casey usually do not discuss that frequently

But in the latest event, A feet Too big, Leo and Casey was basically brand new barn chuckling together with her regarding humor they were making from the Bigfoot. Plus in The Attack, April, Donnie, Raph, and you can Mikey, went down towards sewers to search for sensei, if you are Casey resided having Leo about van went in order to select their nearest and dearest. But, Leo try unconsious very they have zero thoughts from when one got occurred.


Shredder: Away from most of the turtles, Leonardo has received the most affairs which have Shredder; each of them very antagonistic and you may adversarial. Within the Wormquake!, Shredder taunts him to view Splinter perish when he had Tiger Claw need and you will poison the fresh ninjitsu learn, also informing your that it’ll be the past endeavor he ever before sees. Regarding the Legend of the Kuro Kabuto, Leo produced a take on Shredder between your selling and buying regarding Karai (and that ended up being a-bomb) into the Kuro Kabuto, but Shredder symptoms him, declining so that the young ninja leave instead a battle. Regarding Intrusion, when Shredder discovers one to Leo might have been separated regarding their brothers, Shredder tunes him down and you may sends Ft-spiders once him, sadistically attempting to «pick him endure» just before eliminating him. During this time period, the guy states you to definitely Leo are dumb and you may overconfident on account of their youth. Whenever Leo defeats each one of Shredder’s lieutenants, Shredder themselves hits your unconscious possesses him removed. During the Snake Search, Leo briefly contends having Shredder throughout the his «parentage» more Karai. Has just, in the Casey Jones Compared to. New Underworld, since Leo activates Shredder an additional ferocious competition from the Auman Chemical facility, the guy claims that he’s gonna avoid Shredder once and you can for all. This is why, Shredder could possibly get despise Leo more the most other turtles when you are Leo ount of disdain to own Shredder compared to the all of their most other foes.

Tiger Claw: Because the villain’s basic appearance from the Manhattan Venture, Leo has seem to discovered Tiger Claw and you may involved your in handle both that have and you can as opposed to their brothers. On the Manhattan Endeavor, Leo was pinned out of about from the Tiger Claw when he tried so you’re able to cut Splinter and you can prior to he tried to draw their guns to your Shredder, simply to avoid their grip as a result of the coming of Raphael and Michelangelo. One same event, Leo briefly fought that have Tiger Claw (even managing to amaze your having a hidden firearm in one out-of his Katana) and you may was able to kick him off Splinter as he got new advanced ninja master pinned. On Wrath from Tiger Claw, once Leo is actually outdone along with his brothers, Tiger Claw wanted to finish him from very first, but was happy to help Karai do so as an alternative. In the Attack, regardless of if worn out and you will weakened off attacking Kraang and Feet Spiders, Leo engaged Tiger Claw (plus Rahzar and you can Fishface) as well as were able to beat your that have one kick.

Karai: Leonardo ‘s the first of the fresh Turtles you to Karai matches, and you may has also been romantically attracted to this lady. When you find yourself she episodes and you may matches with him tend to, she never ever does him people serious harm and just features sparring having a worthwhile opponent.

Fungi Humungous: Leo turned out very subject to the brand new spores from Fungi Humungous, and therefore brought out his fear of a failure his class as the a great chief

Changed into a snake, she slitherered out from the strengthening, inaudible to help you Leo’s needs their to quit. Leo attributed themselves for what taken place to help you Karai next. He instantly consumed a dark, brooding identity by incident. There clearly was plus no clue in the event that she can nonetheless remember whom Leo is actually on account of her mutation.

Close to the stop of your own occurrence, Leo was providing April up some mountain stones when he thanked the girl. She asked your what-for, and then he answered one he’d nevertheless be at the barn when the not on her behalf, including you to definitely she extremely inspired your. April receive this sort and so they hugged.

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I really love reading precisely what is written on your own site

I really love reading precisely what is written on your own site Hiya very cool …

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