Title Challenge WYD 2021: Lisbon Project x WYDC

Description: We are known as World Youth Dance Crew, and there is a special reason for that being, part of us were the official dance crew for the JMJPANAMÁ2019.
Post the JMJPANAMÁ, we were inspired and collaborated with youth from different parts of the world like Panama, Dubai, Nigeria, India, London, Ireland, New York, Peru, El Salvador and Madrid and making dance covers of songs by different Roman Catholic Artists like Fr.Rob, Athena’s, Dana Catherine, etc.
We would like to present a small dance cover on the World Youth Day – Lisboa 2023 theme song (attached below), which was released on May 23rd Pentecost
City: Dubai
Country: United Arab Emirates
Representative: Angelica Veronica
© Angelica Veronica and Fundación Ramón Pané

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